Theatre of Knowledge, Exhibition Space,

Object Lab

Built in 1790, the neoclassical Tieranatomisches Theater (TA T,

Veterinary Anatomy Theatre) is Berlin’s oldest still existing academic

building and a unique architectural monument. For more

than 200 years, it has provided Berlin University (today: Humboldt-

Universität) with a spectacular stage. Today, the Hermann

von Helmholtz-Centre for Cultural Techniques is further developing

this historic space as a public cultural venue in the heart of

the city.

Our mission is to operate the Tieranatomisches Theater as a lab

for advanced inquiries into strategies of display. The goal is to

create experimental, critical and multifaceted knowledge exhibitions

on material culture and the practice of collections. Collaborations

with university collections and institutes, museums,

and partners from science and art, stimulate a transfer between

humanities, sciences and artistic approaches as well as between

academia and the public sphere. Performative events, public

symposia and lecture series complement the exhibitions. Interdisciplinary

exchange is equally important as are intercultural

and gender aware perspectives. The Tieranatomisches Theater

offers an object lab space for applied museology and collection

research to the Humboldt-Universität’s almost 40 collections.

TA T features a gallery for a permanent exhibition on the building’s

architecture and the history of veterinary medicine. Spaces

for temporary exhibitions and performances comprise a large

gallery and rotunda on the ground floor as well as four rooms,

the historic library and the anatomy theatre on the upper floor.

The total exhibition and performance space is 740 square metres.

Helmholtz-Centre for Cultural Techniques

Since 2012, the TA T has been operated by the Helmholtz Centre

(HZK), a central institute at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

The HZK departments consolidate research on material culture

and collections. Disciplinary knowledge on material objects is

linked with interdisciplinary methodology to investigate historic,

current and future research questions.


Projects at the Tieranatomisches Theater exist within a large

network of institutional and interdisciplinary collaboration.

While most projects are initiated by the Helmholtz Centre, initiatives

from partner institutions, independent curators, artists

and designers are also welcome and are collectively realised after

evaluation by the programme committee.

Since 2013, a number of exhibitions and series of events have

been developed by TA T with Humboldt-Universität’s collections

and institutes, other universities, museums, foundations, theater

and music ensembles and many other cultural practitioners.